Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Status

Sorry everyone!  Had a few life interruptions that kept me from working more on this - Throwing this out there just in case anyone stubles on this - I have the original manga for up to chapter 40 or so, and I do want to work on translating this still - however doing all the cleaning and typesetting as well as translation is just too much work for me!  I will continue to work on this if I can find some help with that - if anyone runs into this please either leave a comment here or send an email to



  1. I'm afraid I have no photoshop skills to clean raw scans, so all I can do is thank you for making the effort.

    But what I'd suggest for you would be to not worry about the editing at all, and just do a script translation of the whole thing at whatever pace is comfortable for you, so you don't go crazy. :P Once you've got that, it will be a lot easier for you to find an editor willing to do the project, since they wouldn't have to worry about it being stalled. Or you could just release it as text and those of us who care can at least read along with the raws.

    And maybe by then I'll have some editing skills and could help out. :P

    Also, when you say you have up to chapter 40, do you mean translated, or is that how much of the raw manga you have? Because if it's the latter, I have scans of all 28 volumes, and could give them to you.

    Again, thanks so much for what you've done already. :)

  2. I just mean the raws - most of the scanned raws floating around out there are fairly low quality - besides should throw a little money towards the author.

    Doing cleaning/typesetting of the level that I did for the previous releases takes no speical skill believe me - I just did them in GIMP myself having never used the program before - the main problem is the amount of time that it takes in addition to the translation time.


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