Saturday, April 17, 2010

Note from Shonen Jump

''To our readers,

The Internet is now overflowing with illegal copies of manga. All of these illegal copies run counter to the wishes of mangaka. They also ignore the wishes of the creator as to how the manga should be read.

It may be done without much thought, but in reality it hurts the mangaka who pour their creative talents into these works, and it is also against the law.

When we discover such illegal copies, we discuss possible measures with the mangaka concerned and try to tackle the problem, but there are so many heartless people around that it is just impossible for us to tackle them all.

This is a plea to our readers. Illicit copies of manga harm manga culture, infringe the rights of mangaka, and most importantly of all they deeply wound the souls of mangaka. Please also understand that it is illegal.

From now on Shueisha will, in collaboration with mangaka, deal more harshly with any illegal copies circulating on the Internet.

We hope we can count on the unchanging support of all our readers in this endeavour.
The Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Staff ''

My own two cents - This is probably aimed more at the people who are posting the Japanese raws publicly rather than the scanlation groups - and have to agree with them - the last couple chapters of the big series (Bleach, One Piece, Naruto) have actually been out completely on the internet before you could even buy in them in Japan.

In the (unlikey) case that Air Master is ever licenced and officially translated to english - Buy it!

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